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Smileys are the best thing that has happened to the world of internet chatting. Although they are just a small piece of animated or still picture they certainly say so much. A picture says a thousand words and smileys have really proved that with their ability to express the mindset and feelings of the chatters all around the world. Today, smileys are being used all over the world and it’s hard to find a chatter who does not add smileys to his or her chat while chatting. There are hundreds of websites on the internet that allow you to download different types of smileys that can express your feelings across the web.

download angry smileyApart from regular smileys, adult smileys are one category of smileys that have become really popular. Of course, people love to talk a bit dirty when they are in the chat room but that is not the sole purpose of why adult smileys were invented or why they are being so popular globally. Adult smileys are usually animated because they express the erotic and funny side of human mind. However, not all chatters on the internet use adult smileys in their chat because they are feeling horny or want to talk about sex but because they use them when they pass on some funny comments or they are just fooling around with their best chat buddies.

Adult smileys have various funny and erotic animations that speak about the mindset of the chatter. They are like visual words that the other person can see and comprehend and than reply to the chatter. There are special websites available on the internet that are made for adult chat and where you can login only if you are an adult. People from all corners of the world come here to talk what’s on their mind and what they feel about certain issues related to love, dating and sex. They can also ask questions and clear their doubts if they have any and adult smileys just add more zing to their chat conversation. These adult smileys add more flavors to the conversation going on in the chat room and people can start using them to make the atmosphere funny or they can comment about the other person just by using those adult smileys. Most adult smileys normally animate the facial expressions of the people in a funnier way when they are doing some adult act.

It has been found that adult smileys are mostly used by male chatters because they normally use them when they are talking to their other male chat buddies. Male chatters normally have a tendency of abusing and making fun of people. Since some of the chat rooms strictly prohibit the use of abusive language they make use of these adult smileys in a different way that would express their anger, frustration and even joking moods. Adult smileys are easily available on the internet for free and therefore you can find them in various colors and designs on different websites.

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